A crowdsourcing platform for lending to high-growth emerging market companies

Why Pengo?

Pengo plans on offering its lenders three unique services to optimize their emerging-market lending experience.

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  • Online Interface

    Pengo is building an online interface that will provide a comprehensive set of services to its lenders all in one convenient location. The interface will serve as a tool for connecting US lenders and emerging market borrowers, but unlike other platforms Pengo will provide the tools that investors need to invest in a portfolio of […]

  • Formal Risk Analysis

    The concept of a formal credit bureau and receiving a credit score based on one’s behavior as a consumer is still a relatively nascent idea in emerging markets.  Pengo is developing a proprietary underwriting system to specifically aid in the process of evaluating each company’s financial health and its ability to service a long-term debt […]

  • Local Deal Teams

    Pengo makes it an absolute priority to have community members from within our borrower’s markets involved in all levels of our business, from sales to management. This ensures that we are linked into a trusted local community of others who also have the goal of increasing access to finance for businesses in emerging markets. Having […]